Saturday, February 1, 2014

Love Is In The Air

I love Valentine's Day. Always have, always will.

Okay, except for that one year when I had just got dumped and my cheer coach got everyone else on the team Valentine lollypop bouquets and forgot about me. Or the Valentine's day I got pinkeye and a Whitman's sampler (which my boyfriend dropped off outside, because, ew, I had pinkeye, ain't nobody want to see that nastiness). Or the one when I went to see The Aviator - gah, worst Valentine's day movie ever. Wait, why do I like Valentine's day again?

Oh yeah, there's cake. And crafts. And my Valentine's Day celebrations have vastly improved since high school. I've got this amazing, thoughtful husband and fun little kiddos to do crafts with and a big ol' kitchen to bake treats in.

I'm extra excited to be offering a $15 Valentine's Day special this year, with half-dozen variety boxes of red velvet, chocolate and cinnamon sugar cupcakes - all decorated in lovey dovey style and wrapped in the sweetest red polka dot cupcake carriers. I'm putting a cap on my orders so I don't get overwhelmed - and there are only two boxes left, so if you want some you better get on it!

I'm absolutely smitten with these red velvet "love letter" cupcakes, I think I'll have to make some extra for me and my loves this year.


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